West Elm + Minted Art Photography Award

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Modern Art Exhibition at Avada Galerie

The photograph titled Inherent Change won the Minted Art of Photography Award for the Best Photographic Print.

The photograph by Jayna B was submitted to the West Elm + Minted Art Challenge. The challenge resulted in a record-breaking number of submissions to an art challenge with 1,960 submissions. Of those submissions, Jayna B’s photograph won the Art of Photography Award for the best photographic print.

The art print that won, titled Inherent Change, was featured on the Minted Julep website along with the award winners for special prizes.

When asked about the art photograph, Jayna B replied, “I enjoy photographing natural stone that is unpolished and yet elegant. This particular stone was intriguing because it also has crystal formations along the sides.”

Featured in Julep

The article in Julep, written by Kritsen Wolfe, stated

“This striking image is at first unidentifiable – is it a cloud?  A popped kernel of corn?  In reading the artist’s statement, the image captures the detail of a stone.  While I’d love to know more about how she photographed this image, in some ways it doesn’t matter as the beauty is in the abstract quality of the amorphous white shape floating on the black background. The image is simultaneously microscopic and expansive, which gives the suggestion that object is captured in a state of change.”

Inherent Changes

Since the original release, the art photograph has been renamed to Inherent Changes, and it is available to buy for limited edition art prints at Minted.com.